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Senior Supplement Plans and
Medicare Supplement Plans

Prepare For The Unexpected With Senior Supplement Plans

Seniors need more care, support, and attention. If you’re preparing for your future healthcare needs or have loved ones aged 65+ needing additional coverage on top of their existing health insurance, it’s best to take advantage of senior supplement plans. Senior supplement plans cover most healthcare and hospitalization costs that standard Senior plans do not. More than that, they can also fill the coverage and financial gaps left by the Original Medicare.

Medicare is the lifeline for millions of seniors in the country. It helps pay for many healthcare services, but it doesn’t cover everything. These remaining unexpected medical expenses can add up quickly and must be paid out-of-pocket, causing stress and financial hardship. Investing in either Medicare supplement plans or senior supplement plans is a great way for seniors and adults to be prepared for what may come.

Benefits of having senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans:

  • Senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans offer a level of coverage guaranteed to be affordable and reliable. 
  • Both plans protect beneficiaries from rising healthcare costs. People enrolled in these policies may still pay hundreds of dollars per year for healthcare, but the financial and medical security they offer are worth every penny.
  • Senior supplement plans provide coverage for dental, vision, and hearing. Medicare supplement plans do not cover these and the costs of outpatient retail prescriptions. However, you can enroll in separate Plan D drug plans or a Medicare Advantage plan that offers drug coverage.
  • If you happen to find comprehensive senior supplement plans that include drug coverage, you can protect yourself or your senior family members from expensive prescription medications. Under Medicare, Plan D drug plans even offer various levels of cost coverage for different “tiers” of drugs.
  • Senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans usually have no network restrictions. You can choose any doctor or healthcare specialist you know and trust. 
  • Both senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans act as a “safety net” that brings security and peace of mind to people as they get older.

Why choose us for your senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans?

There is no single supplemental health plan that fits all seniors. But we at AKP Health Insurance will find the best one that matches your unique, individual needs. We can independently shop the supplement plans market and get you the perfect policy in terms of best price, price stability.

Our dependable FFM-certified insurance agents will work closely with you and know your medical situation to better help you choose a plan that covers everything you’re searching for. We are knowledgeable about all the best senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans available on the market and can aid you in narrowing down your options and understanding which policy fits you and your senior family members.

Whether you’re interested in senior supplement plans or thinking of adding Medicare supplement plans on top of your Original Medicare, we can get you covered. As your reliable health insurance partner, our agents are also happy to assist you with post-enrolment concerns, filing claims, or switching senior supplement plans and Medicare supplement plans in the future.

Get in touch with AKP Health Insurance to find out which supplement plan offers the best coverage for you. We serve clients in Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and New Mexico.

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