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Vision & Dental Insurance

Keep Your Eyes and Smile Healthy With Our Combined Vision & Dental Insurance Plans

People often forget about vision and dental benefits when getting health insurance. Sometimes, it’s simply because they don’t like going to the dentist or eye doctor, but most of the time, it’s because they find these coverages just an additional expense. Vision and dental are two of the most important aspects of our overall health, and if neglected, can cause serious complications and more costly treatments in the future. By having vision & dental coverage from a reputable vision insurance company and dental insurance company, you can protect your optical and oral health while keeping your medical expenses down.

Benefits of having insurance from a vision insurance company:

  • Not all health insurance, especially those provided by employers, provides overall vision coverage. Investing in supplemental vision insurance will help you keep a healthy vision. 
  • Vision insurance covers most, if not all, the costs of basic preventive care and corrective lenses. Remember that eye-related diseases and drastic vision changes occur from ages 40 and beyond. You may have perfect vision now, but your eyesight continuously changes as you age, making these eye check-ups and exams more essential.
  • Depending on the policy you received from your vision insurance company, vision insurance can cover vision tests and other eye exams, contact lenses, glasses lenses and frames, glasses protection, and discounts for eye procedures like Lasik surgery.
  • Since vision insurance covers basic preventive care, you can avoid and detect serious optical issues later in life. It also protects those who are at high risk of eye problems. 
  • Vision insurance minimizes out-of-pocket expenses. The level of savings afforded in most insurance plans from a trustworthy vision insurance company is incredible, especially for those who use glasses or contact lenses.

Benefits of having insurance from a dental insurance company:

  • Getting coverage from a dental insurance company and having regular access to your dentist keeps your oral health strong, reducing the need for major procedures in the future. 
  • Dental insurance helps you pay for a number of dental services, including routine exams and cleaning, x-ray work, restorative care, and minor procedures. If you happen to find a dental insurance company offering a more comprehensive policy, you can even enjoy advanced benefits like discounts for surgical procedures.
  • The right dental insurance saves you money down the road. For reference, the typical annual cost for dental care is around $400. A dental insurance policy with an annual maximum benefit exceeding this amount would help you save money whenever you need to schedule standard dental appointments.
  • If you own a business, getting dental insurance for your employees can help you keep your workers healthy and prevent lost productivity from dental-related sickness.

Why choose us for your vision and dental insurance?

With the myriad of vision and dental insurance plans out there, choosing the right one can be a headache. Fortunately, AKP Health Insurance is here to aid you in shopping for vision and dental insurance plans and finding the policy that perfectly matches your needs and those of your family or employees. Unlike other agencies, we won’t get you separate coverages for eye and oral care. Instead, we will offer a single insurance policy that already covers both.

Our combined policy promises:

  • Lower premium price compared to purchasing each plan separately. 
  • Simplified plan. You can easily manage your insurance since you will only have one enrollment form, one certificate, and one bill for both policies. 
  • Richer benefits and discounts for groups, families and employees.

Our FFM-certified agents will find the perfect bundle plans available in your area. We will present the top choices to you and gather all the information you need from a vision insurance company and dental insurance company so you can decide which option is best for you and your loved ones. Most health insurance plans nowadays don’t cover oral and optical care. AKP Health Insurance’s job is to also assist you in searching for standalone or supplement vision & dental bundle plans that you can use on top of your primary health insurance. We have no network restrictions, which means you can see any dentist or eye practitioner you want. The money is paid directly to the selected practitioner or the insured.

If you’re from Iowa and in need of the best combined policy from a trustworthy vision insurance company and dental insurance company, contact AKP Health Insurance. We also serve clients in Texas, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and New Mexico.

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